From the recording Overlander

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I was a boy in a bubble, well more of a respiratory tent when I was between 3-4 years old. I have faded memories from the experience. It wasn't scary, it was somewhat exciting and comforting because of the relief and safety it provided. During covid and the quarantine/lockdown I found myself reflecting fondly of my time in the "bubble".


Boy in a Bubble

V1 - I was a boy in a bubble.
The world made me cough and wheez
The hospital staff would come running
Every time I sneezed

My mom and dad would come visit
Reach in the tent with kid gloves
I’d feel their touch and the warm embrace
Through the plastic walls I’d feel love.

CHORUS And the boy in the bubble looked out on the scene
And imagined a world that was just like his dreams
Where the wind smelled like lilacs and on both sides the grass was still green
And if the room was still empty would anyone else hear him scream.

V2- I was a boy in a bubble
Only for a month or two
I’d lay there thinking that things could be worse
Because I had a room with a view

Limitless bowls of ice cream
Passed to me on a tray
Vitamin D in abundance
Even when the skies were grey


These days I ponder that it’s just not that fair, how death and destruction float right through the air. How we pull all our handshakes and we mask all our fears. We keep our distance and pretend it’s not weird.

V3 - Again I’m a boy in a bubble
Sanitzed and sheltered in place
I spend my days with my handheld - watching twitter
And try not to touch my face

Which is harder than you’d imagine
Cause I haven’t shaved in weeks
So I strike a pose like the thinker
And gently stroke my cheeks

But its better to be safe than sorry
It’s worse to be dead than alive
I’ll crawl back inside my bubble
and do my best to survive